The Super Babes

Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, The Super Babes are a rock duo consisting of Ann Rock and Bridget Reckless. Blended from each individual’s own influences, these babes have created a fierce style and sound that is all their own. Each song being a different blend of genres, there is certainly something to entertain everyone. With a stage presence and chemistry to match their fierce style, you will be inspired, uplifted, and energized after catching The Super Babes at a live show!

Two piece rock band consists of electric guitar, standard drum set, and two vocal microphones. Drummer vocal mic to her left. Standard equipment mics and stage monitors preferred, however flexible venue dependent. Both band members set up toward the front of the stage, splitting center stage with a very slight angle in toward each other. Guitar amplifier and stand stage right, slightly upstage. Drum kit stage left. Band provides own carpets as stage markers.