On the brink of happiness is where he’s been and where he seems to remain, swinging his legs over the edge, humming sorrows into songs. Spending his days puffing smokes with a notebook, a guitar, and some type of woe-deafening booze, he creates his music as a vehicle to navigate his journey into the abysmal future, through and away from the places of his past.

His relationships with the world and with himself are alive and ever evolving, and his album, “What A Shame,” reflects the movement of his life as he experiences times of loss and gradual, painful growth. Days before the passing of his beloved Uncle, Brooke faced a ghost from his past and, after a small stint in jail, began grieving the stability and strength of his long-standing love affair. Within moments, the weight of everything that is lost can become

Brooke tries to lighten the load, but his vulnerability to addiction has revealed itself in the form of self-destruction over the years he’s spent wading through the drinks he didn’t need. Saturated with heartbreak, surrounded by boxes of clothes and books and other materialized moments, he stares out of his window for what feels like hours. He reflects on past tragedies and the distance he’s traveled between then and now, the changes he’s made and those he was forced into. Self-realization is one of the many cycles to be endured in this life, and “What A Shame” reflects the stages of Brooke’s healing wounds. He continues to battle his vices while pursuing the things that bring him joy: his family, friends, and the dulcet songs strung together in the caverns of his heart.

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